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Q: Can YOUNG TODDLERS (and older infants) be taught specific academics along with social skills?

  • Regarding: 1 year old – 2 years of age
  • A: Yes, even children under 1 year of age (10 months or so), 1 year old and 2 year old children learn …
  • -pre math for example when they sort and group toys during clean up etc.
  • -pre reading when we cook together, read books, sing and listen to music, talk about it etc.
  • -social Skills during meal times and group play; when taking turns; choosing toys from the toy shelves instead of choosing a toy that’s in someone else’s hands etc.

Q: What academics are taught in your preschool?
  • Number recognition, counting objects (1-10, 1-20, 1-25, 1-50), placing numbers in order.
  • Letter recognition, phonetics, beginning and ending sounds of words, sounding out words
  • Prewriting/writing: tracing, cutting, poking, learn to write own name
  • Shapes: square, circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon
  • Colors recognition/read word: red, blue, yellow, green, brown, black, white, orange, purple
  • Sight reading of some common words like see, sat, but, the, and, then etc.

  • A: Yes, we continually receive great feed back from parents of alumni, teachers, and elementary school principals of private and public schools regarding children who were place with us since infancy...due to
  • academic teaching 
  • self-help skills Montessori philosophy (dressing, toileting, cleaning up after self etc.),
  • modeling and ongoing training of good manners & behavior, respect and consideration 
  • m
    ulticultural environment
  • consistancy in philosophy approach by mature, experienced and well balanced caregivers

  • A: Through on going/rotating themes and various activities.
  •          Ex: "Bugs n Planting season" theme in which the main focus will be on (actual) tadpoles to frogs development along with and ant farm with real live ants. We planted Morning Glory seeds and have plants standing 4 inches tall in the window sill already.
  •          - -last year we observed the ongoing development and transformation of butterflies from the larvae stage. Once fully developed we had a very lively, impromptu butterfly release party outside with some neighbors present. We also took a field trip to the Butterfly Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum.
  •         Ex: "Ocean Life" where our preschool is decorated with fish, starfish, dolphins, and other sea creatures hanging from the ceilings, walls, and windows. A 'school of fish' are swimming across the walls depicting each letter in the alphabet.
  •         "Animals" will kick off with a trip to the zoo.

Q: Do the children/parents develop long term friendships through CBA
  • A: Yes. We have alumni families who set up play dates, have sleep overs, or other social get togethers in order to stay in touch. Some families arrange for their children to attend the same school after graduating from CBA. We have an upcoming week-end cook-out mid August where the children and their families (present & alumni) participate and spend time together.

Q: What accounts for this quality learning environment at in it's 20th year of business?
  • A: Experienced leadership, no staff turnover, parent/client participation, family support & involvement, blessings and Godly favor, IEP & IBP, Parent-Provider Conferences and ongoing communication.